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Swede's Glass

The Beauty of Darkness 

     My motivation for making this work is to encompass this type of beauty that darkness possesses. I personally believe that in all despair and darkness there is still beauty.

The Beauty of Darkness is very much a continuation of Taking Over Space. Taking Over Space first used the idea that darkness can be beautiful and touched on the subjects of morbidity, decay and fragility of the human state. The inspiration was heavily fungal, focusing on the decomposition of the man made through the interaction between the work and the space it was in. The Beauty of Darkness picks up where Taking Over Space left off.

     This structural breakdown of manmade objects is not limited to fungi. It is also seen in the way that plants interreact and destroy structures we as humans have created. This can seem intimidating because it shows how temporary our existence is, while showing us the power and endurance of nature. Even as humans perish, nature perseveres. In a worId where humanities relation to nature is becoming increasingly important, I want my work to not only capture the beauty in death and decay, but also the hope that there is in it


Beauty Of Darkness

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