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Swede's Glass

Hope In Decay

The process of decomposition is commonly seen as disgusting or scary because of the presence of death. While intimidating, decay is completely necessary for life. Fungi and mold break down dead organisms and plants to convert it back to nutrients used by trees and plants to survive. Current ongoing research has even shown the oyster mushroom's ability to break down plastics, converting them to usable nutrients for the forests. 


Through this work, I aim to move away from traditional vessels and superficial beauty to explore a deeper level of beauty that lingers in darkness. By working with texture and twisting forms I attempt to create a growing biomass of death and decay, spreading and breaking down its man-made environment. Out of this chaos, a single bloom of life arises; not flourishing, but growing just enough to give us the hope that it will open; the Hope in Decay. 


Hope In Decay

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