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Swede's Glass


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The Alchemy Dreams series is an exploration of color and depth. Inspired by the dream state, the forms are organic and fluid in order to lend themselves to the time relativity and obscureness of the sleeper's world.  In addition to the fluid forms the colors play an important role in creating a world of depth within the vessels. Created by mixing minerals together to create chemical reactions I am intentionalising these reactions to produce auras and hues that seep into one another


Breaking depression represents the depressingly conventional idea of self, the shell that society has put us in, breaking open through self-realization. This piece brings up the conversation of isolation and depression felt due to the expectations put upon us as individuals by our society today. Depression is a worldwide skyrocketing problem that is ever increasing and will only be able to be changed by addressing it. My intention is that for anyone who feels sadness or loneliness, that it creates a communal connection because it allows the onlooker to know that they are not alone in these feelings while also offering hope of breaking out of the darkness. Through the art we can feel alone together. 


Taking over space is an exploration of the beauty of darkness. Through form and texture, this work gives us a glimpse of the dark, decomposing underbelly of nature and allows us to experience nature taking back the man made. Embodying the idea of growth and overtaking, I want my work to grow, twist and spread across the room. Thriving and re-sporing to create the idea that the room is slowly becoming alive. 

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Trees is a body of work that embodies an expression of the forest and the power that nature holds. It is a reminder of the intelligence that the forest has and a look at the power it possesses. With a fusion of fantasy and sci-fi themes these plants are an expression of the new growth needed for us as humanity to not only recognize the power and aw of nature but to also integrate the importance of the forest into our modern-day context. 

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Vases is a journey in form and pattern. Using both traditional and contemporary techniques it allows me the freedom to play and express through process of making. While these pieces are always a continuation of one another in some way, it offers me the chance to explore without boundaries.  

Swede_Exploring Depth 1_edited.jpg

My motivation for making this work is to encompass this type of beauty that darkness possesses. I personally believe that in all despair and darkness there is still beauty.

The Beauty of Darkness is a continuation of Taking Over Space. Taking Over Space first used the idea that darkness can be beautiful and touched on the subjects of morbidity, decay and fragility of the human state. The Beauty of Darkness picks up where Taking Over Space left off. I want my work to not only capture the beauty in death and decay, but also the hope that there is in it.


Through this work, I aim to move away from traditional vessels and superficial beauty to explore a deeper level of beauty that lingers in darkness. By working with texture and twisting forms I attempt to create a growing biomass of death and decay, spreading and breaking down its man-made environment. Out of this chaos, a single bloom of life arises; not flourishing, but growing just enough to give us the hope that it will open; the Hope in Decay. 

IBP_KGLAkademi_BA22_Swede Philip Hickok_6119d.jpg
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